Registration  9.30am-10am


Welcome  10am-10.10am

Martin Priestman & Louise Lee


Keynotes  10.10am-11.45am

David Amigoni (Keele) – ‘Tales of the Grandfather: Charles Darwin, Samuel Butler and

Erasmus Darwin’s Contested Legacy’

Tim Fulford (De Montfort) – ‘Darwin in the Air’


COFFEE  11.45am-12pm


Panel 1: Evolution & The Novel  12pm-1pm

Devin Griffiths (Southern California) – ‘Formal Evolution: The Novelization of Epic Between the Darwins’

Tabitha Kan (Essex) – ‘”I grin at thee, thou grinning whale!” The Darwinian Abject in Moby-Dick


LUNCH  1pm-2pm


Panel 2: Models of Transformation

Alison Wood (Cambridge) – ‘Evolutionary Conversions’

Martin Priestman (Roehampton) – ‘Turmeric, Shells and the Patagonian Ox: The Evolution of Evolution’


Panel 3: Biography as Self-Fashioning  3pm-4pm

Stuart Harris (Erasmus Darwin House) – ‘Charles Darwin’s Life of Erasmus Darwin’

Louise Lee (Roehampton) – ‘”A Little Philosophical Laughing”: Comic Genealogies between Erasmus and Charles Darwin’


TEA  4pm-4.30pm


Plenary  4.30pm-5.30pm

John Holmes (Birmingham)

‘Negotiations with the Epic: Poetry and the Origins of Evolutionary Theory’


WINE RECEPTION  5.30pm-6.15pm


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